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Pray the Gay Away by Sara York

Pray the gay away by Sara York is one of those books that just hit home for me.  Usually I read books that are light that I can easily escape into for a short time. This series of books was … Continue reading

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The Christmas Throwaway by Rj Scott

The Christmas Throwaway by RJ Scott Do you have a certain book, or books, that you love to reread?  I have a few of those, but The Christmas Throwaway by RJ Scott is my #1 go-to reread book. Not sure … Continue reading

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Deliverance by Marquesate and TA Brown

Deliverance is the story of a “baby” Jarhead and an US Delta Force soldier who meet in a safe house in Saudi Arabi, and the continuing relationship they share over the span of 23 years. Matt, the Jarhead, and Hooch, the … Continue reading

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The Red Sheet by Mia Kerick

Introduction I have been reading M/M romance for about 5 years now, everything from fantasy to contemporary and BDSM.  But this was the first YA that made me want to read more in this genre.  I honestly didn’t think I … Continue reading

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Catch A Ghost by SE Jakes

This book was my first introduction to the writing of S.E. Jakes, and the first book in her Hell Or High Water series; immediately I was hooked.  And I must say, I downloaded it rather reluctantly because underground cage fighting … Continue reading

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Alpha Trine by Lexi Ander

I thought I would write my review about a book that’s science fiction. The reason I’m writing this review for this particular book genre is because normally I don’t read science fiction, I really don’t, but this book was so … Continue reading

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Acrobat by Mary Calmes

I love to read.  I can’t seem to get enough of it.  Last year I read over 300 books and 98% of them are m/m romance.  Everyone has that one book, no matter how much they read, that is their … Continue reading

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