Strawberries for Dessert by Marie Sexton

I’m choosing this one as it’s part of my favorite series, the Coda series by Marie Sexton. The thing is, it’s not the main story that made me chose to write about this one, it’s just a piece of it. Zac and Angelo are my favorite characters. Ang and I are bonded. The scene that I am speaking of is at a party at Jared and Matts’ house. Ang meets Cole, and they go back into a bedroom and “hook up”. They do so with Zac’s permission, but still in many people’s eyes it’s cheating.

I had loaned this book to a coworker, and she loved it. However, she hated Ang. She hadn’t read A to Z first, and this really colored her perception of him. We had a really good discussion about it. It really made me think about relationships differently. Zac gave his blessing. He wasn’t mad that Ang had a quickie. My co-worker felt that meant Zac didn’t have the “balls” to stand up for himself and what was right. My response was that it’s not my place to feel offended or upset at someone else’s relationship, if it works for them. No one was hurt or upset. They were both happy with the decision that was made.

Dawn DeBarr McReynolds



Dreamspinner Press


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