Wrestling With Desire by D.H. Starr

This book is a very first for me by D.H. Starr, and will NOT be the last! It was a contemporary story of two high school guys, primarily written from Derek’s POV, who seem different yet compatible on the surface, but as the story progresses, and as Scott’s POV is also brought into the mix, the relationship brings out the wonderful and sometimes heartbreaking differences within each man, and between them in their relationship.

The secondary characters, namely Beck, the wrestling team, the school, and the city itself (with the lovely descriptions of the river, the outdoors, the music store), were an essential element of the story, but didn’t detract from the story or waver your focus from these two men.

Rather, it strengthened and defined them, and while there WAS some well-meaning interference from their family & friends (Beck especially), how each man dealt with the changes, the decisions to be together, the things which drove them apart, depression, desire, and resolution were wonderful to experience in their eyes. This book lends itself toward a sequel, because the story of these two men aren’t over, and whether they journey solely or together in this future they call life, they DO journey, live life, and will hopefully continue to live each moment with fierce desire.

Now after reading this book, I cannot wait to read the others BRAVO, Mr. STARR!!


Tamerut Anna Prince

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