The Brick Yard by Carol Lynne

This is my favorite book because of the growth of the characters and because this story touches my heart. This book has characters that are passionate about what they know, yet are willing to grow. I think this is Carol Lynne’s best book so far.

The Brick Yard is a gym, not one of those places with treadmills in this line, and cycle bikes in that line, and steppers over here, but one of those places where men train to be mixed martial arts fighters.

A man named Tony Brick founded the Brick Yard. He has a heart for those in trouble and those who have nowhere to go, but he is one of those old school guys who never tells you what good he is doing, or talks about emotion, or makes it easy for you to get to know him. He’s gruff, strong, and does the right thing because that’s what he does. Even though this story is not about him, he is still an incredibly dynamic character.

I love the Brick Yard partially because of Brick, but also because of the two main characters, Lucky and Dray.

Lucky grows up in a bad situation. He is one of those kids who will fall through the cracks if no one helps. When Lucky shows up at the Brick Yard, Brick gives him a part time job, a place to sleep, and checks to see that he does his homework.

Lucky’s hero Dray, one of the fighters, is outed by an ex-lover, Lucky pays attention and determines that he will never go through what Dray has. As Lucky grows up in the world of the Brick Yard, he learns a passion for Mixed Martial Arts and loses himself in the fighting. When a problem arises, he learns he has to deal with his past and grow beyond who he is now.

Even though I know this book isn’t supposed to be a series, I shall continue to hope. I love book series, especially ones that have depth and passion. Who knows? Either way, I will continue to reread The Brick Yard often. The growth and depth of the MC is wonderful to read, and the passion for life and love is a blessing to feel.

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Totally Bound


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