Pray the Gay Away by Sara York

Pray the gay away by Sara York is one of those books that just hit home for me.  Usually I read books that are light that I can easily escape into for a short time. This series of books was not that for me. I would read a bit and put it down swearing I wasn’t going to go back to it only to pick it up again.  For the first time I was reading about characters that I not only understood but I felt their pain.

Jack the jock, and oldest child of very strict religious parents, has always known he was gay but never acted on his desires until he met Andrew.

Andrew was a new kid in town whose parents moved him to Sweet after his parents found out that he was gay.

Sara takes us on their journey that is pain filled and true to life, and leaves us wanting more of Andrew and Jack.

As for a guy who has experienced the bad side of life I am glad to see Sara tackle a hard subject and give it respect and not gloss over or sugar coat the bad in order to get to the good. I wouldn’t hesitate to read it again and am looking forward to more from Sara.

Dylan Ross




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One Response to Pray the Gay Away by Sara York

  1. sarayork says:

    This book was difficult to write. In a way it sucks that it was true to life. I wish every part of it was total fantasy and just made up.


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